MOD Employee Makes a Personal Injury Claim After Falling Out of Bed


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The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has announced that it will take further steps to warn employees about the dangers of sleeping in bunk beds after an employee accident.

One worker fell and broke her foot after falling from a bunk bed six-feet off the ground, as revealed in a Freedom of Information request. The employee said that she had forgotten the bed was so high.

According to the London Metro, the MoD will now issue a briefing regarding the dangers of bunk beds to ensure employee safety, and in turn, limit their liability for accidents to avoid any future incidents involving personal injury solicitors or accident claims.

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How the London Metro reported this news recently.

This is just one of the strange and unfortunate accidents that affect employees in the UK every year. Other accidents at work included injuries whilst dealing with rubbish, walking into glass windows and even injuries whilst taking part in fun activities such as wrestling in sumo suits.

These unusual incidents were all reported by health and safety officers who must record all serious accident at work incidents for the Health and Safety Executive, with most cases then being passed over to a local personal injury solicitor or national accident claims company.

modIn addition to the bunk bed accident, a number of parachuting accidents were also reported by officers at the MoD, In these circumstances, sufferers reported hitting the ground with too much force or at an awkward angle.

A host of parachuting accidents was also included as personal injury claims and cases where MoD employees were hurt hitting the ground awkwardly or with too much force.

All serious accidents at the MoD are reported using RIDDOR forms. These forms are a requirement for organisations which must be filled out following an accident in the workplace, or where there is a health and safety issue which could lead to a serious accident.

A spokesman for the MoD said:

“The MoD has a duty of care to all its employees whether military or civilian personnel, and we keep our health and safety policies under constant review to manage risk and make sure our personnel have appropriate protection at work, including during training and operations.”

These accident at work revelations highlight how important health and safety at work is, and also that every employer has a responsibility towards their employees when it comes to health and safety.

Can I be dismissed if I make a claim against my employer?

Often people are worried about making a personal injury claim against their employer for fear of how it will affect their employment.

However, under UK law, you cannot be dismissed for pursuing an accident at work personal injury claim against you employer. Most employers have insurance to cover the cost of an accident at work claim, and thus will only be inconvenienced by the claim.

For these reasons, you should not let concerns about your employment prevent you from getting the compensation you deserve. Most personal injury solicitors will work on a no win no fee basis for all new clients.

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How much compensation could I claim for an accident at work?

Determining how much compensation you could get for an accident at work can be difficult. The answer very much depends on the nature of your injury; the lasting effects of your injury and any steps your employer took to prevent your injury. You may be awarded what is known as general damages.

General damages are awarded for pain, suffering and loss of amenity. You may also be awarded ‘special damages’. Special damages compensate you for any financial loss incurred. This includes things such as loss of earnings or loss of future earnings, medical or child care costs and any costs incurred as a result of being injured. For a more accurate assessment of how much your claim could be worth, contact Accident Claims Web today.

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